Utilizing stem cell technology
for the re-growth and
protection of hair follicles.

Over eight million men and women in the United States suffer from hair loss.

Hair Restoration of America is helping many of them by performing the most successful type of hair restoration. This treatment is assisted by a ground-breaking scientific method using one’s own “stem cell” therapy.

The most important advance in hair re-growth in over a decade.

This revolutionary hair restoration technique harnesses the power of your own body’s “stem cells” to create a success rate that far exceeds traditional methods. It is recognized as one of the most significant developments in the treatment of hair loss.

Gary Hitzig, M.D., a leading hair resto-ration specialist and pioneer of ACell vaccination is now our top consultant for stem cell hair restoration and re-growth.

Hair Restoration of America is proud to have on our team, as a Consultant, Dr. Gary Hitzig. His contribution to the hair restoration industry has been unmatched.